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This project was part of my course work at SUNY New Paltz. The objective of the project was to use an existing IoT (Internet of Things), and each student needed to re-create their own design, whether it be an app, website, etc. Not only did we need to re-create the design, but we had to enhance it and add features in order to make it our own product. I created Luminous, an interactive app, for my product concept, Luminous lightbulb.

App was designed for iPhone IOS.

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To begin, I addressed the issues that needed to be resolved in order to create functions that would solve these issues. 

Next I researched an existing Smart Bulb, Phillips hue, in order to find out all the functions that already existed,

Finally I created my project proposal to address issues, describe existing products, and address how my product would be improved and re-designed.