OBJECTIVE: Create two posters that promote environmental awareness and recycling. 


CONCEPT: Used Photoshop to create a visual story of how we nee to recycle or face the consequences.

DELIVERABLES: Two posters placed in a real life setting demonstrating that the posters can work in smaller dimensions and larger dimensions too.



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To begin the project, I wanted to experiment with different mediums. I decided to collage images and letters using magazines and objects that I could find. Then I uploaded my collages to photoshop in order to incorporate text where needed or to edit.


These are some of my quick collage sketches. My goal was to create an emotional or shocking response from my audience in order to make the message more impactful.


These were my first versions, but I wanted to bring the tones and hues down for both posters.


The text in the first poster was hard to read, and the colors could have been less saturated. Although the colors allow the poster to stand out, the pink was irrelevant, so I decided to change the color to a dark blue/green. This put the image deep under water, giving the audience a feeling of suspense as to what could happen if we continue to dump plastic into the oceans.

I decided to reduce the color for the second poster, as well as make it horizontal instead of vertical. This allowed for more space for the viewer to easily connect the imagery with the text.