OBJECTIVE: Conduct surveys, analyze, and visualize data and information to create a full story and conclusion.


CONCEPT: Find out how much college students know about sex ed versus how much they should actually know and how it has affected them so far.

DELIVERABLES: 24"x36" poster with data and information derived from surveys and interviews.



My topic for my poster was Sex Education among college students. The surveys that we conducted were part one of the project. The surveys were designed using Qualtrics. My anonymous 10 question survey was meant to get an idea of how much knowledge college students actually have based on their answers, as well as how much confidence they have on the knowledge that they do know. I predicted that college students would not have as much accurate information as they would probably expect.

After receiving 20 responds from college students, I visualized each one of the questions in order to create an infographic.

These are questions 1-10.


The second part of the project was to utilize a secondary method in order to obtain relevant information about Sex Education among college students. 

The method I used was to conduct four individual qualitative interviews. During this method, I recorded my discussions with each individual in order to find out about their first sexual experience. 

After, I transcribed them, so that I could pick out certain phrases or ideas. This allowed me to conduct three separate rankings depending on their stories, which include Comfort, Preparedness, Maturity. My goal with this method was to see how comfortable and prepared each individual felt when it came to what they considered their first sexual experience, as well as how mature they were with their own actions.